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The Ultimate, Must-Read Camp Guide for Every Family

The 2021 Camp Guide is now available. Select your region below to get your copy today!

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NYMetroParents’ 2021 digital Camp Guides will help you:

  • Prepare your child for camp
  • Collaborate with camp staff professionals
  • Choose the right camp for your child 

If your child is already registered for camp, there's plenty of useful advice, regardless of how many summers she's already spent at camp. If you’re trying to find the right camp for your child discover local summer programs for every interest and requirement.

Here is some of the expert camp advice you will find in the Camp Guide:

  • what summer camps did last year to have a safe and successful season during the pandemic, all with zero cases of COVID-19 transmission
  • why summer camp is important to kids' development
  • the American Camp Association's 12-month camp-planning timeline
  • plus, local camp descriptions


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