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The Best YouTube Channels For Kids that Parents Will Love

The Best YouTube Channels For Kids that Parents Will Love

Skip the screen-time guilt with these wholesome and enriching picks that both kids and parents will love.

Ranked as the world’s second largest search engine (after Google), YouTube’s 7 billion videos can leave parents feeling overwhelmed. Left to their own devices, kids waste their screen time watching unboxing videos or even stumbling upon videos that aren’t suitable for little eyes and ears. And, parents should beware of the many deceptive videos and channels on YouTube that seem like they are made for kids but really aren’t appropriate at all.

Avoid having your kids watch endless videos of other kids opening toys and use our handy list of the best YouTube channels for kids. You’ll find videos that both educate and entertain.

The Best YouTube Channels for Little Kids

Super Simple Songs

Created by a team of educators, this channel features classic childhood songs and nursery rhymes set to music and performed by adorable animations or puppets. There’s also original content that teaches simple lessons like numbers, letters, and even potty training. If you can’t possibly sing another round of “Wheels on the Bus” for your toddler, you’ll love that this channel can do it for you.

Mother Goose Club

Another favorite of the preschool set, Mother Goose Club releases new videos every week filled with adorable characters singing nursery rhymes. The songs encourage movement and help teach early literacy. These videos are about 20 minutes each—just long enough for you to make a quick meal while your kiddo is entertained.


Brought to you by the BBC, this channel is aimed at children ages 6 and younger who are watching alongside a parent. With a mix of live-action and animated content, CBeebies teaches everything from the alphabet to how to make Christmas cards.


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The Best YouTube Channels to Get Kids Moving

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Jamie Amor, a former kids’ birthday party entertainer and avid yogi, founded Cosmic Kids Yoga in 2012. She spins compelling tales, with themes like Star Wars and Frozen, while leading kids through a series of yoga poses. Cosmic Kids is a wonderful combination of mindfulness, exercise, and sillines—and a great way to turn screen time into physical activity.


Dude Perfect

If you have a child who loves sports (and physics!), they are probably already obsessed with Dude Perfect. The originators of the “trick shot” video, these four guys were roommates at Texas A&M University. The guys tackle their challenges with good natured humor and a great sense of sportsmanship. As one of the most-viewed YouTube channels, they also feature cameos by sports celebs.

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The Best YouTube Channels to Expand Kids’ Horizons


From the same organization that produces fascinating talks, podcasts, and events for adults, meet Ted-Ed (the “ed” stands for education). The “lessons worth sharing” videos are collaborations between top educators and talented animators. Kids will learn useful information like why we get fevers and maybe-not-so-useful-but awesome facts like who pees faster, cats or elephants.

National Geographic Kids

Explore our big, bold, quirky world with National Geographic Kids’ self-described weird, wild, and wacky videos. Made just for curious kids, this channel is the go-to place for facts about our world and its inhabitants, humans and animals alike.

Whatever YouTube channel your child watches, be sure to download the YouTube for Kids app. By using this app (as opposed to YouTube as a whole), your child’s viewing experience will be more contained, age-appropriate, and simplified.

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