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Photo Scavenger Hunt: 30 Fun Selfie Ideas for Your Family this Summer

Photo Scavenger Hunt: 30 Fun Selfie Ideas for Your Family this Summer

We all take tons of pics on our family vacation, so up the fun factor by using these photo scavenger hunt ideas with your kids!

Most kids love to take pictures with their smartphone or iPad. So, if you’re looking for something different to do with your family, consider a family selfie scavenger hunt! It will get them excited, outside, and keep them busy for a while. It’ll keep kids thinking all while making some fun memories. Plus, it’s suitable for kids and adults alike.

30 Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas 

Photo scavenger hunts can be done anywhere—at home, around your neighborhood, or during one of your summer outings. They’re fun, easy, and affordable too. Here are some photo scavenger hunt ideas to get you started. (And make sure to tag @NYMetroParents when you post on Instagram—we love seeing your pics!)

Complete the selfie scavenger hunt list by taking a selfie of your family…

1. Exploring a historical location. Do this by foot, bike, scooter, car, or any other method.

2. Standing next to a statue. You can even copy the pose or “interact” with the statue to take things up a notch.

3. Kneeling beside a sandcastle your kids built. Two extra points if you then photograph yourself buried in the sand.

4. Licking ice cream cones. 


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5. Wearing swim goggles in a pool. If you have an underwater camera, take a picture beneath the water’s surface.

6. Cheering on the Yankees or Mets. Snap a pic of yourself doing the wave.

7. With Lady Liberty, aka the Statue of Liberty, in the background. You can even pose like her, too.


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8. Taking in the view at the top of the Empire State Building. See what buildings you can spot.

9. Waiting at an underground subway station. Hopefully, you won’t see any rats.

10. Eating a rainbow bagel. Decide if it tastes the same or different than a plain one.

11. Walking the High Line. Snap photos along the way or one at the beginning and another at the end.

12. Visiting animals at a zoo. Photograph yourself beside your favorite exhibit.

13. At the top of a mountain. The view from above will be worth the effort of the hike—guaranteed!

14. Frolicking in a garden full of flowers. See what floral varieties you can spot. 

15. Reveling in the experience of the Top of the Rock. Maybe you’ll even see Al Roker down below.


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16. Donning sunglasses on a cloudy day. You really can wear shades whenever you want.

17. Walking through Times Square. Take in the bright lights.

18. Enjoying a boat ride. Canoes, kayaks, and pedal boats count, too!

19. Driving across the George Washington Bridge. Decide if you want to travel via the upper or lower level.

20. Traveling in a car through the Lincoln Tunnel. Time how long it takes you to get through.

21. Riding a double-decker bus. Sit on the top level and feel the breeze in your hair.

22. At your favorite amusement park. Bonus points if it’s just after riding a roller coaster!

23. Climbing a tree in your yard. Just don’t get stuck up there.

24. Skipping rocks in a stream. Count how many times your rock jumps.

25. Enjoying a picnic. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

26. Munching on a large slice of pizza. The bigger the slice, the better.

27. With your favorite artwork at a museum. After all, sometimes you just need a day in the AC.


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28. Painting a rock. Then plant it where someone else can find it.

29. Sprawling on a grassy lawn. Count how many clouds you see in the sky.

30. Hugging your kids. You can never do that enough times!

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